Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Dr. Val


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is appropriately named as it does indeed make one very the point of suicide or homicide in many cases. It is a problem in the brain, related to melatonin and serotonin production. Although the cause is 'not known', it seems fairly obvious that lack of sunlight leads to lack of melatonin, which upsets the sleep/wake cycle and messes up all of the hormones of the body. Since hormones are tiny little packets that carry an extremely powerful punch, a lack thereof could become a big problem very quickly.


The basic problem that brings on SAD is lack of sunlight, but it can also occur at change of seasons when the sudden increase in light shocks the body. For those folks, neurological system and circadian rhythms go completely awry. The symptoms of SAD are depression, anxiety, withdrawal, lack of energy, excessive sleeping and carbohydrate cravings--which lead to obesity. For those living in northern climates, where overcast skies and rain are common for a long time, Seasonal Affective Disorder is quite common. Most people in such areas are aware that using full-spectrum light bulbs can keep the disease at bay. Supplementing with melatonin and the appropriate amino acids also helps chase away those winter blues.


What the mainstream medical mafia (BigMed) is loathe to admit--due to being in bed with BigPharma--is that all pharmaceuticals, including over the counter medications, processed foods, food additives, alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs, have a tendency to use up serotonin levels in the gut. The intestines are where 95% of our serotonin stores exist (not the brain). Instead of advising people to supplement with the appropriate amino acids, the medical mafia would prefer to put people on SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), all of which have some pretty nasty side-effects, and none of which actually take care of the cause. In fact, they make it worse! Yeah, get'chere SSRI snake oil right here, folks, for the mere cost of your health, happiness and life savings!


With the plethora of light solutions available now, from LED's to full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs (which are actually 92% of sunlight spectrum), plus specific phototherapy units made to treat this disorder, there is no reason for people to have to suffer this debilitating condition. Treatment could be as simple as taking melatonin and using light therapy every day. Naturopathic physicians and holistic MD's and DO's are happy to assist patients in finding natural cures for this problem. Look for a doctor who is aware of the neurotransmitter depletion problem as well as how to treat it with the right blend of amino acids.


Winter does not have to be dreaded in this day and age. Search for the right combination of helpful therapies for your body, mind, and spirit and then use them as soon as the weather starts to change...and keep using them as long as needed. Take charge of your life and your happiness now. Research all of the latest developments and choose what is best for you; don't leave it all up to the medical professionals. It's your body, your life, and you are the one responsible for what happens to you, so treat yourself with respect...and love.         


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