Overcoming the Fear

Overcoming the Fear

Overcoming the Fear

by Noeline Levinson

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? WE ARE.

What has become apparent to me, is that the pandemic is really all about FEAR. The vaccine was tested early on in it’s formation and the resonance it emitted was the same as the fear vibration. I am told by therapists who are counselling the vaccinated, that they are paralytically terrified of unvaccinated humans. Even though we know logically that there is no threat from unvaccinated human beings, the fear has taken over their lives. Similarly, the unvaccinated people are just as anxious about coming into contact with the newly “poisoned” human beings, for fear of catching the dreaded spike proteins.

The overarching theme is FEAR. We heard early on from those who were guiding humanity, to let go of fear. That the fear resonance was in the 3rd dimension and that we have to release it and overcome it as we venture into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

OSHO, the intellectual guru said that “people die from fear much more than from an epidemic” and “There is no virus in the world more dangerous than fear.”

In homeopathy, we study that all illness started with the fear of death.  Before there was a fear of death, there was no illness.

So what is the solution? Of course you know the answer to this. Meditation becomes a protective aura that no negative energy can penetrate. Raise your vibration, through breathwork, through thought, any way you know how. Remember, none of this exists in the 5th dimension, and it has never been more important to strive for this vibration. When we are tired, when we are stressed, when we allow the narrative to enter our space, we fall back into the 3rd dimensional matrix. It is so easy to do, and we don’t even realise we have done it.

Let’s all help each other, reminding each other, to keep the vibration high. Do you know what biological entrainment is? You do. You have heard of the phenomenon of women who share a living space together will start to menstruate at the same time. This is biological entrainment. It happens on all dimensions, and currently, we have a negative narrative, pulling our energy into it. We have to work very hard to raise the vibration and link hands and hearts with those who resonate at a higher vibration, so that we can protect each other, and ourselves.