Natural Tonsillitis Treatment Step1

Natural Tonsillitis Treatment Step1

Natural Tonsillitis Treatment - Step 1

By Dr. Val


Got some swollen tonsils Boopsie? Got a doctor that wants to yank out those "useless lumps of flesh"? Whoa...hold on there...first of all, tonsils and adenoids are not 'useless'; they have a purpose and it has to do with being the first line of defense for the body. Made of lymphoid tissue, tonsils and adenoids produce scads of lymphocytes and antibodies when needed. The problem comes when the body is overwhelmed for one reason or another and those organs have to jump into action.


Tonsillitis and adenoiditis (inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids) can range from mild to severely painful and involves the swelling of the organs, sometimes to the point of obstructing breathing. There are things called crypts within the tissues, which can become clogged with lymphocytes (pus) and cause further problems. We want to keep our 'lil' frens' if possible; taking them out reduces the body’s energy by 5% permanently...permanently.


There are alternatives to conventional surgery; first and foremost is keeping the organs of elimination clear at all times. The old-fashioned term for the organs of elimination is 'emunctories' and includes skin, liver, kidneys and bowels. If things start to get backed up, the tonsils may have to kick into action. Constipation may seem harmless to most people but it isn't; it can cause a whole host of problems, including tonsillitis. Jokes about some people's heads being "stuck up where the sun don't shine" aside, constipation causes tonsillitis because of the reabsorption of toxins that go back into the bloodstream instead of being eliminated as planned.


There are palliative measures that can be taken for the pain of the sore throat of tonsillitis but the most effective reversal of the condition has to do with eliminating toxins pronto. A series of enemas or colonics, using alternating warm and cold water until the excreted water runs clear, is the quickest way to get toxins moving out of the body. Along with the enemas, fasting for a few days is also suggested. During the fast only water with lemon or lime juice should be ingested, along with some liquid minerals. If the person has diabetes fasting may not be an option; check with your physician as to the feasibility of fasting.


For sore throat, drink ice water but avoid becoming chilled. An ice pack to the throat every two or three hours can help reduce the inflammation and bring a measure of comfort. Ice also causes a reflex action of fresh blood to the area, which brings nutrients and oxygen and removes wastes. A hot bath with Epsom salts also helps to move toxins out of the body; be sure to rinse off thoroughly afterwards.


This first step in healing tonsillitis is one of the most important but is so often overlooked by conventional doctors. Alternative medicine doctors will suggest clearing the emunctories first and foremost because it makes sense and also clears the way for the next steps to work better. Removing pain and stopping the infective process are the next steps. The last step-preventing tonsillitis-should be the first step but usually is never thought of until after someone has swollen tonsils and adenoids. As in so many other things in Life, once one has suffered the pain of tonsillitis, one tends to become a believer in practicing prevention first.


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