Natural Tonsillitis Treatment Step 2

Natural Tonsillitis Treatment Step 2

Natural Tonsillitis Treatment - Step 2

By Dr. Val


In treating tonsillitis with natural remedies, one must first clear the 'emunctories' (organs of elimination: skin, liver, kidneys and bowels). Once the toxins are flowing out of the body properly, there is a chance to reduce the inflammatory condition of the tonsils and adenoids. Beyond the use of ice packs to the throat every few hours and the drinking of ice water with lemon or lime juice in it, the next most important step is to stop the pain.

People who have tonsillitis or adenoiditis are really in a lot of pain and may be fearful due to the feeling of not being able to breathe or swallow. Tonsils and adenoids can sometimes swell to the point of obstructing breathing; that’s an emergency. The lymphoid tissue that makes up those little organs is roughly about 1⁄2 inch in diameter but can swell up impressively when infected. The swelling can actually close the airway in severe cases.

Natural pain relief measures include things like white willow bark, turmeric, boswellia or chamomile, which reduce the inflammatory process. Soothing herbals such as marshmallow root and slippery elm bark help with mucous membrane soreness. The more strong and drastic measure would be Tylenol #3 cough syrup with Codeine, which most naturopathic doctors will reserve as a last-ditch pain relief effort and is a controlled-substance prescription drug.


There are also homeopathic pain and tonsillitis remedies and acupuncture; these work by increasing the energy flow and helping to push toxins out of the body. Both of these methods of treatment can have quite dramatic and immediate effects on the level of pain and swelling experienced. Both also should be individualized to that particular patient. For instance, while homeopathic belladonna might be recommended commonly for the pain and inflammation of tonsillitis, it might not be the appropriate remedy for that particular person. A homeopathic or naturopathic physician would do a homeopathic interview to determine what would best suit that patient.

The natural methods of treating tonsillitis pain and swelling work far better than conventional medical methods because they don't add to the toxic situation that caused the problem in the first place. Remember, toxin buildup is what impacts the tonsils and adenoids; the bacteria and pus come along afterwards. Gargling with salt water, raw apple cider vinegar in water or other appropriate substances can assist with clearing toxins and reducing swelling also, which automatically reduces pain.


Once the toxin overload, pain and inflammation are handled, step three involves taking care of any opportunistic bacterial, viral or fungal infections. There are natural treatments for all three types of infections and these treatments do not have a negative impact on the gut flora like synthetic antibiotics do. Treating tonsillitis and adenoiditis naturally results in quicker and better healing; hopefully avoiding the necessity of removing the organs in question. Those organs have a remove infective and toxic materials that come in through mouth and nose, before they can harm the body.


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