Bodygram Are You Listening

Bodygram Are You Listening

Bodygram! Are You Listening?

By Dr. Val


Ignoring warnings from the psyche comes with a heavy penalty. If life is not being lived as it was meant to and there is no joy, the psyche tries to warn of the need for a change. That warning usually comes in bodily illness. At first softly whispered, such as fatigue or insomnia or a lack of enthusiasm, when ignored, the warnings increase in intensity, such as colds, flu and the inception of chronic disease states. If warnings continue to be ignored, terminal disease or injuries occur.


The people who ignore their inner warning system are usually those who are 'too busy' to slow down and pay attention to the direction they are going in life. They push aside family and friends in pursuit of money or addictions. In an insane rush of gathering too many unimportant things, they wander far from their path...a path that was chosen before they were born, when still in Spirit. Some may scoff at such an idea, but those who have had a conscious NDE (Near Death Experience) know the truth of this pre-birth plan.


When the body starts to have an illness or injury, it is usually an attempt to capture the attention of the errant Spirit inhabiting the body. If attention is turned to the deeper cause of the problem, the problem goes away, "miraculously.”  It isn't so miraculous when you consider everything was set up that way, as a sort of early warning system, to keep us on track. Not all paths are alike; some people contract contagious illnesses while others take care of the ill and never get sick (ever wondered about that?). Some die in a horrible accident while some walk away without a scratch. Usually the person who is unscathed is either needing a course correction or living life fully on their path; they are truly alive.


Hypnotists who take people into deep trance state can access that inner part--the deep subconscious mind--and find the true causes of the problems. Every individual can find this out for themselves too, by examining the circumstances around the beginning of an illness or injury. For instance: if big pustules suddenly develop in the inner portion of the eyelid, and only on one eye, contemplation of the circumstances might reveal the cause. The side tells you who, the problem tells you how you feel about it and the circumstance tells you why. What did you not want to see, involving a male or female (right or left side) and how do you really feel about what happened?


Those who know Louise Hays' work, and before her, Alice Bailey and Madame Blavatsky, know how to use this system of discovery. The jewel of paying attention to how the body talks to the consciousness is the power of removing the effects of illness or injury. Address the problem, deal with it, and there is no more need for the physical effect. One "miracle" comin' right up! Depending on how far and deep-seated the illness or injury goes, it could be something that resolves overnight or it could take a few years. Learn to listen to what the body is trying to say. Pay attention to what is happening in your life and allow yourself to be guided to a fuller, happier life.


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