Health: A State of Mind

Health: A State of Mind

Health: A State of Mind

By Dr. Val


Health has more to do with state of mind than most people realize. It is possible to actually think oneself into illness, merely by feeling it. Monks in Tibet are not the only ones who can raise their body temperature by many degrees and get a cold wet sheet steaming!  Most children can do that, especially when they really don't want to go to school that day. That was my favorite trick used to convince my mom (the nurse) that I really should not go to school. Convinced that I wasn't really ill, she would whip out that thermometer, only to find that indeed, there was quite a fever present. Mom was always amazed at how quickly the fever abated by the end of the day.


At one point in my life I had all the symptoms of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). A long-time meditator, I decided I really didn't have time in my life for such a disease. Getting to the core of the issue in meditation, I discovered that I was angry; really myself. Working on forgiving myself for being a chump yet again, I also forgave whoever was the perpetrator of my anger. That was the end of all of the MS symptoms and my clue that MS is anger turned inwards.


The body is very mysterious in its' ways; it works with the Non-local Mind to give us clues on the path of evolution. We can literally think ourselves into disease states, albeit usually unconsciously. Alice Bailey's book Who's The Matter With Me? And Louise Hays' series point out how this happens to all of us. If you are wondering if I am saying that we cause our diseases, let me be blunt about it: yes. Deal with are the only one who really can.

Every disease we get is there for a reason and will stay there, and even kill us, if we refuse to pay attention to what it is trying to tell us. Even genetic diseases are in this category. A lot of people don't want to hear this and might get very angry at someone for saying this, but that doesn't change the truth. If we can just look at what we receive as a gift/lesson, we can use that disease to get beyond some issue that may have been a problem for several lifetimes.


My own knowledge of this came through my NDE's (Near Death Experiences), when I was shown how the Universe and life on Earth works. When one is on the Other Side, this is all easy and makes sense. Back in the body, it is all difficult and makes very little sense. It has to do with being able to see the Big Picture. Now every illness serves as a reminder to me to stop and pay attention to my life. The weird thing is, my body starts talking to me well in advance of the illness appearing. Multiple warnings are given, then-WHAM!-illness hits if I have ignored the warnings. Now if I need a few days of rest, I just take them. I cancel social gatherings and anything else I can, whatever I need to do to get more rest. When you love yourself AND your body, you learn to take care of respect yourself. You are the only one of you in Existence!


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